What is the best security setup for your computer?

I want good programs that will keep my computer free of Viruses, Spyware,Adware, and other bad stuff thats on the net… I also want to keep my computer running smooth, fast and kept really clean from bad junk. What programs would you recommend? I dont want to hog all my memory from using these programs aswell…. Thanks.

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  1. Dan K says:

    The first thing to do is NOT to use an account in Windows that has Administrative rights. Set up your day-to-day account with regular User rights – that way IF a virus gets past your defences, it will only be as affective as the security you’re running under.
    This is a huge flaw in Microsoft’s security thinking, and which they are finally starting to address.
    I’ve used CA’s eTrust software for years and really like it.

  2. Gerry B says:

    With a family full of ‘web surfers’ I have spent years dealing with security issues and have finally become content with my latest set up. I have installed MacAfee for security (firewall, virus, spyware, etc.) because it rated as finding the most problems when tested by PCWorld. It also has a spam program module available. When in doubt, download and install a free copy of Spybot S&D and run it on occasion. You will be surprised what it can find! The biggest thing that will help is to make sure that your computer operating system, web service software, and browser software are all frequently updated to the newest versions. Most of the version improvements involve security enhancements.

  3. Narek says:

    Let me give you an outline —

    Antivirus – AVG
    Firewall – Zonealarm
    Anti Malware – Spybot Search and destroy, Adaware
    Registry – Tweaknow Reg cleaner
    Everything else – CCleaner

    Added : Also use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser not Internet Explorer. IE has too many holes in its security system.

  4. gemini says:

    go to internet explorer>>right click >>properties>>privacy>>click advanced…click on overide automatic cookie handling>>>then click accept first party cookies>>>then block third party cookies…check accept session cookies. This will increase your security .Steve

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