What is the best security software for my computer?

Im looking for some security software like AVG, McAfee, etc… I’m curious what is the best out there? How much generally are they and why are they so good? Also is there any that are free and are also great? any information or tips would be awesome! thanks!

I need a strong firewall, scanner, and maybe a site advisor and pop up blockers!

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  1. blessedagain06 says:

    AVG. When I bought my laptop, it came with Norton and the first thing I did was get rid of it and downloaded AVG, which is a free security softwear that I love. I have never been hit with viruses and I have always been very satisfied with it. I have the basic protection system on mine, though there is one that you can purchase if you so desire.

  2. I don't know says:

    I personally like CA Security Suite because it is free through my internet provider. However, in the past I used Avast and it worked very well. It is free although you can also purchase it. Here is a link to avast… http://www.avast.com/ You might want to call your internet company and ask them if they provide a free security software through them. I didn’t even know CA was free through mine until I called in with a problem one night and a technician told me. Different companies charge different prices, but I haven’t had much luck at all with AVG. Good luck!

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