what is the best security system for your computer?

what is the best security system for your computer mostly for windows xp?

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  1. geeksquad says:

    the person who answered first was correct, except for Mcafee. It will slow you computer down more than you will believe. Go with AVG and Spybot.

  2. Dazed and Confused says:

    I like Norton Internet Security 2007, Zone Alarm Security Suite, or McAfee Total Protection.


  3. egan.stephen says:

    Well i had a PC world engineer out to speed up my pc and he told me Norton was useless.Funny i bought it from PC world.He recommended NOD32 as being very good,so i did a bit of research>if you punch in best antivirus and firewall combo several different ones came up.I chose Zone security suite it has got many good recommendations.

  4. ANOOP says:

    AVG Antivirus 7.5 free edition, AVG Anti spyware, AVG Anti rootkit and a firewall (Zone Alarm, Comodo) These AVG products are obtained free from Grisoft.com

  5. Tater says:

    There are several competent programs that others have mentioned, however, the most important part is you.
    Keep programs up to date and scan for problems regularly.
    Clean your hard drive and defrag. If you notice a change, investigate.

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