What is the difference between Internet security and antivirus?

Please be specific, and what is better? I really don’t know what the difference is. Also, please tell me a good program, either internet security or anti-virus. Also, I need to be able to disable the anti-virus or internet security any time I want to. If you know any program, tell me. Thanks.

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  1. www.computerstar.ca says:

    Antivirus is defence against viruses only. Internet security has more features like firewall, antispam, browser security etc.

  2. lojikbomb says:

    An anti virus program such as AVG is your best bet. Check if Windows firewall is running, usually that is enough for the average user.
    Also check if you opened the right ports for an anti-virus program.
    Make sure the remote desktop and remote assistance ports are not open under the exceptions in windows firewall.
    AVG is an anti-virus program I swear by, it’s awesome, and it’s free. You can download it here:
    (I like download.com also it is a good site I have never had any issues with the software I have gotten from this site :)


    You can disable the anti-virus easily at any time in the configuration menu of the AVG program.
    I think of Internet Security as Windows Firewall, but that’s not really much. I just run AVG and my computer runs great. I don’t really worry about internet security because I have 3 firewalls either hardware or software.

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