What is this computer security pop up?

im on the internet and all of the sudden it directs me to another page and its starts scanning, it says computer security. and it asks me to download something but if i dont my computer will be infected with viruses. of course i dont do it and i think its a scam but why does it do it???? i have norton, does it protect me from this crap??? and how do i stop this. this has happend like 3 times this month already. thanks

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  1. Cribz says:

    its a scam. try updating your computer i.e latest windows security updates and patches. some sites may also have links in them that direct you there.
    always remember that a legit company will never force you to buy their products. if they do, its either hopeless or a scam.

  2. Peter says:

    It’s called Spyware or Malware. Your computer is already infected, but only with a re-director. They’re trying to convince you that you do have a more serious problem in the hope that you actually believe them, and eventually “buy” their product – which of course doesn’t exist. At which point they will cut you off from the internet and go shopping with your credit card.

    If you can (because they may be blocking you), try going to http://www.malwarebytes.org

    Grab their free downloadable product, update it if you can, and do a full scan. Remove anything it finds. I use this product daily for this sort of thing. It is usually the easiest solution. If they haven’t managed to get hold of some system files you’ll be fine after using Malwarebytes.

    Good luck.

  3. RedericH says:

    THIS IS CALLED A FAKE ALERT! Do not click anything go down to the box in the taskbar and close it there. It is just a trick to try to get people infected then charge them money to fix what they caused. Think of it as a mechanic putting a nail in your tire so he can sell you one 3 days later. DO NOT CLICK ANY PART ODTHE SECVURITY WARNING! dont even x it out
    if it takes you to a scan site immedaitely turn off your comp or reach back and unhook it from th e net
    then run a reliable Antivirus tool to make sure you didnt catch anything . Here is a link tFor a free Kaspersky scan that will kill king kong sized infections for free. Simply go to this page http://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/devbuilds/AVPTool/ download click run run run whne prompted then check all the areas to scan boxes hit start scan. This can take n3 hours, but you can still use the computer while it scans. If you dont have a security system at least go to Microsoft downloads and gety Security Essentials. It is free and better than nothing. The fire wall and windows defender are very good tools and the security essentials is very user friendly to use green your good red. you need to use this Kaspersky or contact Microsoft online chat support. I hope this was helpful.

  4. L S says:

    Sad to say, I think it’s the places you’re going… and no, that doesn’t mean I think you are being careless or stupid, nor that necessarily the people maintaining the pages you go to are malicious. Unfortunately there are now pages at MySpace and FaceBook that you can get infected from. I suspect one cause may be people getting code that they can’t interpret and using it to pretty up their pages. Strikes me that a virus writer would be only too happy to make some prettying up code and slip code in to infect people’s computers. I don’t know that for fact; it’s just that something I saw recently makes me suspect it. And sadly, they aren’t usually viruses as such that are infecting computers and programs like Norton aren’t the right type of software to keep them out. They are essential programs but not necessarily able to cope with it all. Don’t forget that virus writers are trying to make sure Norton and other products can’t stop them. And sadly, they are doing a good job.

    I suggest a few things; one is that you follow this guide to make sure your computer is as secure as you can make it:

    Another is to bookmark Bleeping Computer and use it to find removal guides if/when you need them – I often search for guides by googling the name and asking for only Bleeping Computer to be searched which is easy enough – this link will show you how, you only need to add the name you are looking for to the end:
    http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Ableepingcomputer.com – remember not to have a space between site: and bleeping site:bleepingcomputer.com

    Also, I suggest using Firefox or something else that can use NoScript (Opera?) and use them. Also put in AdBlock Plus. I use a few other useful addons and I listed them so people could have a look – you’ll find that here:

    With NoScript, it takes a bit of getting used to but is worth its’ weight in gold. Suppose you end up on a Facebook page; NoScript is told to allow Facebook. But then you notice that NoScript isn’t allowing all the code that is on the page to be used. You check what isn’t being allowed and notice a site called kittypics.com (for example). You google kittypics.com and discover that there aren’t any ratings on it yet with MyWOT or Site Advisor. You decide not to trust it. Later, you hear that your friend also visited that page on the same day and now her computer is infected. 6 weeks later, you notice kittypics.com is being blocked on another page. This time Site Advisor and WOT both have a lot of warnings about kittypics.com and you are glad you use NoScript.

    (Just for the record, I googled kittypics.com after writing this in case such a site existed and was trustworthy. It exists all right… but it can’t be trusted.)

  5. Catherine S says:

    You’re Infected.

    Go to http://www.trendmicro.com, and do the free scan Trend Micro’s House Call virus, spyware and malware scanner and cleaner. http://housecall.trendmicro.com

    If you have anything, remove them. Helpful Free Software below Read On.

    Download Spybot Search & Destroy. Restart computer, then run Spybot to see what spyware comes up, AND DELET IT.

    FYI—Virus Protection– 2 programs of virus protection will conflict with each other and will actually cancel out the protection. SO just download one.

    Running Spybot Search & Destroy with EITHER Avast or Avg (great Free virus protection programs ) will keep a computer in good working condition. FREE

    Avira AntiVir – Free Anti-Virus Protection

    FROM MICROSOFT 2009 -Free –Security Essentials

    Pop up Blocker- free

    Spybot – Search & Destroy 1.5.2 -FREE SPYWARE



    Ccleaner- FREE

    Malware- FREE

    $ *** KASPERSKY ***

    There are alot of $ anti-virus and Internet security programs out there-ie: Norton, McAfee, Panda, Bitdefender. If you would like to pay $ then get ***Kaspersky***– 2010 , I feel that is the best for your money.


    If all else fails, then do a Reformat. You will loose everything, so do a Back-up.

    Good Luck.

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