What other Computer Security i should bring to college?

My Asus G73JH-A1 should arrive at my house in late May or June. My parent spend $2200 on it and i don’t want to lose it when I got to college. So far I’m planing on bring a laptop lock, and a lojack for laptops. Anything else? Is there a better software then LOJACK? Or better and cheaper.

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  1. Rage says:

    I was like you 4 years ago when I moved to college. I had couple of locks for my notebook, I was worried that someone would steal my computer and other important stuff but you need to know one thing, if you are going to reputable college you would not need any locks or anything. I used my lock for may be a week. Having locks become more of a hassel than security. I go to UW-Madison and we (me and my roommate) don’t don’t have a single thing lock. sometimes we even have the dorm door unlocked all night because the university security is excellent. here you need you ID card to just get in the building.

    So my main point is, if you are going to a reputable school they are going to have pretty secure dorm buildings so you don’t really need locks or anything but if you are going to a getto school then I would recommend a shotgun and couple of magnums and a ninja suit.

  2. Seasider85 says:

    Good planning – all I might further suggest is marking it to make less attractive to thieves, though this unfortunately might spoil it’s ‘looks’. You could also encrypt everything, making your data as secure as your property!

  3. Jim W says:

    I would say the only other requirement would be common sense and I’m not being a smart azz I work at a university and laptops are key targets for theft not just students but faculty as well.
    You can contact your college IT dept. and ask if you should improve on what you have but I think your pretty well off. Keep in mind most thefts happen fast and I have heard several students and faculty say always the same thing “I only was gone for a minute” well that’s all it takes. Here’s a link with some security tips that may be of use

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