What security layers exist in my computer?


I know that there is a firewall, and that I have my own security software; but what else should or is already installed on my Windows Vista computer which gives it security protection?


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  1. dung blast says:

    Security features built into Vista are Windows Firewall (it includes outbound filtering when configured) and User Access Control (UAC). UAC is easily fooled and Windows Firewall is pretty decent (although when I use the Windows XP firewall, the vista version’s predecessor, it never detected and hacking attempt, maybe because my hardware firewall filtered them out). Windows Defender comes with Windows Vista, it scans for spyware on access and also on demand. But it is spyware only (also trojan but kind of limited). Something not so security like is backup. Windows Vista can backup your files (but not make an image of the computer, on in the Ultimate version and I think enterprise) and create restore points. Another not so security is Windows Update. If you update Windows Vista when updates are available, you can close up exploits in your computer (if there is an update for it).
    If you have a router or a modem like 2wire, then it has a hardware firewall which I think are pretty awesome compared to software based ones (some software based ones are awesome too).
    There you have it, 3 layers (Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and User Access Control) in Vista and 1 possible one on modem or router. There are security features in Internet Explorer and other ones that are complicated.
    Essential security features missing in Vista is the on access malware scanner. On Access malware scanner scans for viruses, spyware, rootkits, rouge software, and many other threats. One of the best scanners is Avast and Avira. Even though some people and rival companies (such as Symantec, by the way, Vincent Steckler used to work at Symantec in some big position in Asia but he left to work at Alwil, who makes Avast) think Avast and Avira aren’t that good because they have free products, Avast and Avira are the top two scanners in the world (or at some point were). Avira is the top single engined scanner with the highest detection ratings (but with a few false positives), Avast not so sharp as Avira but better than everyone else. This is what I and many others think. Just look at AV test results (such as av-comparatives, Norton 2010 is not as good as av-comparatives say). I would install Avast (it is full featured in the free version unlike Avira and other free ones, it scans web traffic and network traffic but Avira free doesn’t) and install Avira without the guard module.

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