What security software is essential for a notebook computer?

I go on the internet often with my notebook computer. However, I’m a bit confused by all of the various security software (antivirus, security centers, spyware remover, firewall, etc.) In general, what types of security software should I subscribe to and install? And are there any brands that you prefer? Thanks.

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  1. Chie says:

    You can use the latest version of AVG, AVG Anti-virus 8. They have spyware detector/remover, anti-virus, security center, internet and download scan for virus, etc.

  2. Sherlock Holmes says:

    use kaspersky internet security 2009,you have to buy it.or try to download the cracked version from torrent(it is free)

    it has a good security for virues,trojans…:))))))

  3. Mark M says:

    I use McAFEE..a subscription..called Virus SCAN/Security CTR. 9.1/
    Virus SCAN..13.1/
    Site Advisor..2.8/
    Costs about 50-bucks per year..
    Been useing these people for over 8-years..
    Since Day-1 of my personal computing.

  4. Matt says:

    Most of the security software that you are referring to is included with most software that is titled Internet Security. Anti-virus keeps viruses off of your PC. Security Center(s) notify you of any threats, as well as monitor your other security software. Anti-Spyware keeps spyware off of your PC. Firewalls will block requests to your PC from unknown sources, as well as prevent unknown applications from accessing the Internet, which helps to prevent hackers.

    As one other answerer has stated, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 is a great software that includes all of these features. I would recommend it for your use, however I would recommend buying it as a cracked version may already have security threats built into it.

  5. the_lover_pharaoh says:

    I recommend Comodo Internet Security which can get you the highest level of security with the advanced features available .

    Comodo Internet Security has :

    * Firewall – Slam the door on viruses with Comodo’s unique Default Deny Protection.

    * Anti-virus – Scan for and destroy known threats to your PC’s health. Explore Comodo Anti-virus

    * Live Security Expert – Have an expert on hand 24/7 to solve any PC problems you may be experiencing. Explore Expert PC Support

    * Wi-Fi Security – Encrypt all your data when using Wi-Fi so no one can steal your information.

    You can have the basic Security edition for free, or the complete edition only for $39

    Download it from: http://esyurl.com/g97

  6. Jxmarvel says:

    I think you should try to own a encryption software.Here I recommend Encryptionshield software to you.Encryption Shield is a revolutionary product.
    It through effective encryption method,to make your computer more security than ever before.
    It’s easy to use, if you know how to use Windows Explorer,
    you know how to use it,and fully compliant with all versions
    of Microsoft ? Windows and compatible with most software.

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