What should I use for online security with comcast internet cable?

I’m thinking of switching from dial-up to Comcast cable internet? Will my Norton Internet Security and Spysweeper be enough for online security? A few people have suggested I get something called a router. What do I really need? Thanks


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  1. :0D says:

    comcast customer service sucks big time and don’t count on them showing up for your installation, i set it up 4 different times with them and they never showed, twice they called to say they would be late but then never showed again. i went with bellsouth and love it !

  2. Optimus Prime says:

    yes but it better to get the Mcaffee Antivirus and all the security programs that they offer, best of all its free of charge.

  3. Christina G. says:

    omg i had dial up for most of my years and IT WAS A PAIN!! the money you spend on high speed internet is soooooo worth it! i have a router its just to be able to use the internet on other computers to and no cord is needed. Norton slows down computers from what ive heard after my comp slowed, get Mcaffee

  4. nitehawk8075 says:

    Adding A Router Is Always Good Because That Has A Hardware Firewall. The Products You Have Now Will Be Fine But Adding A Router Would Definately Help With Your PC Security.

  5. majormaddog24 says:

    Zonealarm is the best security software out there you can go to zonelabs . com and download a free trial if you like it buy it. It is the best that I know of. Norton is junk.
    Good Luck
    Major Maddog

  6. ROB. B says:

    Yes what you have will work, thats all I’ve had for years and no trouble, the router is just an add on, believe me your ok… Your friend from Tennessee…ROB

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