What would be a better field to go into Computer Networking or Computer Security?

computer security as in protection from hackers, etc. and also this would be in the AF.
well I like computers but I want something that will be applicable or in high demand in the future not a career that’ll die out…

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  1. Scott M says:

    Seems to me you should be asking yourself this question.

    Not to seem rude or anything, but how would we know what’s best for you?

    Or if you are only interested in how much money you could make in the private sector after your leave the AF, you can find this information using any search engine.

  2. ralilja says:

    It would be a question only you can answer but, I can give a couple of hints.
    1. Computer security is a specialized field and therefore subject to whoever has a position open.
    2. Computer Networking is a pretty broad area and is needed just about everywhere and a lot of positions require knowledge of networking.

    Good Luck on your choice.

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