What’s the best Internet Security Software to use and Why?

I would like to know what the best Internet Security Software to use and why? Also would like to website to go to that website you say is good. Thanks All.
okay i have a few more questions to ask I like to know which one of these is better security software and which one of these do you recommend they are
mcafee internet security
norton security
panda internet security
system mechanic pro
i’m not sure which one is the better any help out there please get back thanks

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  1. j-dub says:

    The best internet security software is Norton AntiVirus. It blocks everything harmful on your computer. Every once in a while it does this check for anything bad in your computer (like once a week) and it will delete everything harmful. I recommend Norton AntiVirus. I’m sorry I don’t understand your second question.
    But, Norton AntiVirus is the way to go.

  2. skip1960 says:

    I like system mechanic pro. This program will also help you to clean up your system. But not free. Good free ones are Spy bot search and destroy. Ad-Aware Se personal is also good for a free bee. System mechanic pro you have to pay for but I think it’s very worthwhile.

  3. Swm 39 4 Younger Swf Forever says:


  4. Roger N says:

    I don’t know about the “best” but I have used Norton Internet Security for years and I have NEVER had a problem.
    Just to let you know…It’s been VERY well tested. I have a certain type of “research” that I do from time to time.

  5. DT says:

    This software is totally free, you just have to go through a free registration process which is very simple. This is one of the few software suites that protects E-mail both web and pop3. It includes a firewall, and many more features than I care to list, like peer to peer file sharing (not many have this). It automatically updates, and is problem free and runs seamlessly in the background.

  6. B-man says:

    I’ve been working in the professional world for only a short time now, but I’ve found McAfee to be the best I’ve seen (that costs money). It has fast virus detection, along with great scanning for e-mail. They also have a great firewall.

    Both Norton and McAfee are going to take up a lot of RAM (random access memory ) on your computer and might slow it down depending on how much you have available on your PC.

    Another alternative to the “costly” anti-virus suites out there is “AVG Free.” This is a free anti-virus program that isn’t as fast with detection as McAfee, but will protect your system, and has daily updates that take no time to download if you’re on dial-up or DSL. And it runs without using a lot of RAM. I’ve been using it for 2 years and I’m still virus free.
    NOTE: when you first install AVG, your first update may be a big one for you to catch up with the latest up dates, but after that things will be in smaller chunks.

    Go here to get AVG: http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_9_90_1007.html
    And if you’d rather get a more guaranteed secure suite, then I suggest McAfee.
    NOTE: Also, with a good anti-virus, you need a good firewall. McAfee supplies a firewall, AVG does not. However, there are also free firewalls out there (like ZoneAlarm).

  7. mr_nice_guy says:

    Go with McAfee Internet Security. Norton Sucks. And I have used AVG…….but that sucks too. It is Free but remember this………You get what you pay for.

  8. mikey says:

    I’ve used Norton and now i’m using McAfee. They are both very good. I’ve never had a problem at all. I got the McAfee Security 2007 at Wal Mart for 40.00.

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