Whats the difference between internet security & anti virus?

i use kaspersky internet security and i wonder how about kaspersky anti virus. The way to update latest version of kaspersky. Thanks!

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  1. hagaren414 says:

    Internet Security provides protection against viruses and has a firewall. The antivirus only provides protection against viruses and does not have a firewall.

  2. Thomas R says:

    Hello Aly;

    Internet security is more than just anti virus. Firewall protection is as important for preventing intrusion..

    Good your asking these questions..Have not used “Kaspersky” however, Almost all Antivirus Software has a update feature that should be set to “Enable” as it will check automatically and usually has an icon in the tray that keeps you informed as to the status…By clicking on it will activate the Update feature. This is usually done in the background each time you boot your computer and should not worry.
    A good Firewall is important and can be checked to make sure it is “Enabled” as well for it will check for updates automatic and in the back ground.

    One last item..”Firefox” is proving to be a better and safer browser. With a few add ons you can just about eliminate Pop ups and other annoying stuff. IE fall a little behind with security.
    Good luck

  3. Ed G says:

    Kaspersky Internet Security has several features that Kaspersky anti-virus does not have. It has a virtual keyboard, Blocks spam,Detects rootkits, Blocks Malicious changes to Applications, Built in Intrusion Prevention System, and a very good two way firewall. The Internet Security Suite has covers just about everything you need for security. If you have your license key number. You can download the newest version of Kaspersky. Install and enter your license number.

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