Where can I find free internet security?

My trial of Norton is up today, and I’ve already gone through the AVG trial and the McAfee. I need a legit internet security that is free, because im broke. Any suggestions?

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  1. Samuel Adams says:

    AVG has a free version but you may want to try something else (install only one):

    1. AVG Free
    a. A simple interface (easier to use than Avast! and Avira)
    b. Can detect about 82.82% of viruses
    Cons: low virus detection

    2. Avast!
    a. Real-time protection
    b. It has an option to delete a virus once found
    c. Can detect about 87.46% of viruses.
    Cons: Too many icons and confusing user interface

    3. Avira AntiVir
    a. It can detect malware better than Avast and AVG
    b. It’s cute umbrella icon
    c. Can detect about 94.26% of viruses
    Cons: A very sluggish update

  2. Ammih says:

    I suggest you to download Avira Personal.
    its free and does the job (at least it did it for me since 2007)

    the only thing that bugs me is a popup window that appears at every update.

  3. Jessica Queller says:

    It’s better to stop thinking “antivirus” programs will protect you.

    Instead you should:

    1. Set up and use almost exclusively a limited user account.

    2. Google the phrase “social engineering” and read the first five results.

    3. Install Windows updates automatically.

    4. Use Firefox with the NoScript extension.

    5. Turn off autorun in Windows:

    6. Do not install or run “antivirus” software. It doesn’t actually protect you, it uses up system resources, and it makes you unnecessarily paranoid.

  4. Headbanger says:

    Hey download Zone Alarm Security Suite 8….If you need a good all around security suite Zone Alarms is a good way to go. It has one of the best firewalls available as well as antivirus, antispyware.
    Here is the key – ipf14-nkcb5-fa7u8-cvj681-xgi8c0 njoy cheerz

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