Where can i get a trial version of Norton Internet Security 2006?

Is there a website where i can get a trial version of Norton Internet Security 2006? I’m testing Norton and McAfee, Which one is better?

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  1. black_ca_scorpio says:

    I’ve tried both of those programs mutiple times on different computers back to back. I use to use nortons and was stuck on it for the longest time back in the days untilll I realized that I keep getting some virus that was deleting my Notepad.exe file. Nortons is also resource hog and slows down your computer. McAfee is pretty good but since I switch to McAfee, I relized that it sucks, since it has a major problem with not being able to delete viruses that are in use, or that are read-only. I started using PcCillin and I think I will stick with it. Panda is pretty good cause it can pick up a virus, kill it, rename it, and get rid of it.

  2. mrresearchman says:

    Do yourself a big favor ad don’t bother with either………

    A FREE program called AVAST is MUCH better than either Norton or McAffee. I’ve used it for years and HIGHLY recommend it!

  3. thebestnamesarealreadytaken0909 says:

    if you really want Norton Internet security, then you need to go to http://www.symantec.com
    however i have Norton on my XP and that failed to stop an infection of adult-links ad ware. more specifically it failed to identify the infection i previously had.
    however the best total security suite i have found is an all in solution from http://www.trendmicro.com called PC-cillin Internet security.
    oh and avoid java cools spywareblaster, spy bot search and destroy as it was one of those that i believe actually infected my system with the adult links ad ware in my system registry.

    you have been warned.
    trust me PC-cillin Internet security is a far better suite than Norton I’m sorry to report.

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