Where can I get good reviews for software and hardware for internet security? Is Steganos better ?

Iam trying to install quicken whats the best internet security protection along with Quicken that I can use? I triend microsoft money and during the installation process my spyware has detected a trojan just before I could finish installing. How do we protect from this kind of spyware or viruses as we go on line? Please help. thanks.

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  1. Skeleton Jack says:

    Hm. Neither Quicken nor Microsoft Money have anything to do with internet security. You should have these items for internet security:

    Virus Scanner
    Mal-ware scanner (such as Ad-Aware)

    As far as Steganos, I assume that is some sort of steganographic encryption program. You *may* decide that you also need encryption, in addition to the security I listed above. If you do, look into the many different types available, and choose which one is right for you.

  2. VPC says:

    Here is what you need….

    1) A firewall – there are plenty of free firewalls out there, download one, install it and learn how to use it correctly – this will be your first line of defense – you can find many free firewalls here – http://www.vermontpcsolutions.com/tools_firewalls.html

    2) Anti-Virus software – again, you don’t have to pay for good anti-virus, AVG Anti-Virus works great! – you can find it, and many other free anti-virus applications here – http://www.vermontpcsolutions.com/tools_anti_virus.html

    3) Spyware/Adware detection and removal software – SpyBot Search & Destroy and AdAware are two effective programs (and they are free) – you can find them here – http://www.vermontpcsolutions.com/tools_spyware.html

    4) Use the Mozilla Firefox web browser – it’s more secure than Internet Explorer, it’s free, it’s just superior! – you can find it, and a few other web browsers here – http://www.vermontpcsolutions.com/tools_browsers.html

  3. tylerdurden says:

    Dont get overboard with to much security, or they will shut down your Pc, cuz they are not compatible, you’ll have more problems than you ever imagined. Here is what you need:

    1) a firewall
    2) virus scanner
    3) Ad- Aware
    if you have two of any one of them you’re in trouble.

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