Which Computer security software is recommended?

I have two choices in mind:



-Norton (360)

I am trying to figure out which one is better between the two.

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  1. James Burns says:

    mcafee is better than the norton 360.

    you can use the another one anti virus software ie avast.

    avast is one of the best anti virus software that can easily detect the threats and remove it from the computer.

    if you are comparing between mcafee and Norton.

    use mcafee.

  2. Shane L says:

    I will recommend the following security programs :–

    1. McAfee antivirus for the viruses issues
    2. Malwarebytes for the malwares issues
    3. Superantispyware for the spywaers issues.

    Please update all these above softwares before start the scanning process.

  3. don piano says:

    Only out of those two…?

    Definitely Norton.

    One reason being that Norton’s firewall is stronger than McAfee’s. See: http://www.matousec.com/projects/proactive-security-challenge/results.php (only firewalls tested here, not anti-virus).

    Personally, if I was going for a suite (internet security package), I’d be more inclined to choose Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. The firewall included in KIS2009 is even stronger than Norton’s firewall.

    Another option is to buy your AV and firewall separately. ESET NOD32 (just the anti-virus, not the internet security package) and Online Armor Firewall is a very good combo.

  4. \I am not important says:

    out of them Norton 360 it has a WAY better detection rate then McAfee

    but the best one out there is Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2009

  5. Lex Luthor {:o) says:

    You have picked two of the sorriest paid AV’s out there.

    Norton 360 Is a memory hog that acts like a Trojan if you ever try to remove it. It’s almost impossible to remove once installed. It doesn’t detect as well as advertised either. Read around answers for more information about Norton before you buy it. You might change your mind. You can start here.


    McAfee is also a memory hog with a low detection rate. They will tell you that it is high on detection and protection but it’s a lie. Read around answers for more information. You can start here with McAfee


    If your gonna buy’ Get one that really works like Kaspersky or Defender Pro powered by Kaspersky.

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