Which computer security software would be the cheapest and the most efficient?

I had Norton before but I heard from some people that it only costs a lot and that it lets a lot of viruses pass by. I’m not sure if I should believe them, but I definitely am open to new options. Because I am totally ignorant about computers, I need all the advice I can get. Please help!

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  1. Jayce Cameron says:


    Norton or AVG are the most common answers because people have it. It comes pre-installed on many computers and most people don’t know a thing about them. Norton is almost like a virus itself. Try deleting it from your computer and if you knew enough about them you would see that it leaves traces all over the registry. Even removing all strings from the registry is hard as it masks itself as many different things and self replicates if even one command string is left in the registry.

    No the best antivirus is still Antivir, One free year, with free update definitions. It isn’t bulky and loaded with extra crap that will actually confuse your system (ie: additional firewalls/spyware etc..) Windows has built-in features for a firewall and it’s own greyware/malware remover called windows defender. If you use more than one firewall they will create problems by interfering with each other.

  2. Johnny M says:

    Stay away from Norton products. They are expensive and over rated! Go with Avast for anti virus and SpyBot Search and Destroy for anti spyware

  3. Alex says:

    Mcafee works really well it isn’t too expensive norton slows down your computer. I Also use yahoo anti-spy for all the small things mcafee might let pass by so far so good.

  4. Joe Anonymous says:

    You can get the free ones:

    bitdefender, avast, avira, AVG

    Spybot Search & Destroy


    They should keep your system pretty clean.
    Just make sure you’re downloading the real thing from the official pages. You’ll see the name of the product/company in the URL of the site.

  5. sldngptrjngl says:

    Well…for entire suites…. I would find a deal somewhere on CA Internet security suite. I have seen a lot of deals for it free after rebate. Mediacom gives the antivirus free to all of its customers.

    AVG anti-virus works pretty good and is free as well (or at least a free version).


    I like it better then Avira and Avast. Your mileage may vary.

    I like Ad-Aware for removing spyware.


  6. wiztek says:

    No free software is as good as the paid for version but it’s better than having nothing at all.

    No Anti-Virus can detect and clean everything even the paid for versions.

    In my opinion the paid for ESET Nod32 or their Smart Security Suite is best and the free Avast Home Edition is the best free one.

    For Malware download and install Malwarebytes. Keep it updated and scan with it frequently.

  7. s says:

    if you want computer security, well you can get some chains and locks and lock your computer system, well that THE CHEAPEST. well thats just a bad joke i made out of nothing so sorry :)

    go for avg internet sucurity antivirus. thats THE BEST of firewall identity protection and everything you can have for a really good deal.
    m sure howsoever ignorant you are, AVG will keep you fully safe

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