which job field is better computer networking and security or computer software engineering?

I kinda just started school and I don’t want to be caught in the wrong field where i cant find a good job. I’m looking to be in a field where when i get out of school i will be making at least 50,000 and easy to go up from there. I want to work in the computer field though. So if anyone could help me out I would like that. Thanks

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  1. rpg says:

    I think it depends on what you enjoy doing. Right now I don’t think there is a huge difference in salaries or in number of jobs available in these two fields. They are both in demand.

    I don’t know what part of the country you are from, but in most parts of the country you won’t be making that kind of salary right out of school in either field. You can expect to make that salary (at least) after several years’ experience though (either field).

  2. Richard L says:

    First relax – Join the club of folks that had a hard time deciding their life’s pursuit. I had the same problem many years ago.

    I would advise you to stop thinking about what job pays the best, what job your friends think is really hot or what job you have read about in the newspaper is really in demand. Obviously you don’t want to train for some career to be repairing typewriters or repairing a gasoline clothes washer – that is to train for something that will not exist when you graduate. You may have gifts and abilities that are different from your friend’s. Be sure you are not climbing the ladder of career success only to find out it is leaned against the wrong building. It might be the building your parents wanted or that your friends suggested. You must find what is best for you. My parents were heartbroken I didn’t want to be a doctor. They would have gladly helped to pay for that education. The only problem was I faint at the sight of blood.

    If you are sitting there about to enter college or already taking classes you are probably in your early 20’s. By the time you are 50 or 60 that hot job will no longer be hot. You will probably have to adapt and retrain several times. Don’t be concerned you are making a career decision that locks you into something for a lifetime. You aren’t!

    The important thing for you to do at this point is to complete your degree. Many employers don’t care what your degree is in but that you have one. A degree says to an employer that you are teachable and can finish what you start. These are two very important qualities because most employers plan to retrain you anyway.

    Much of the information you get in a college textbook in your field is out of date by the time the book is published and makes it way into the classroom. Employers plan to show you their way of doing things so again what you have learned up until you enter their doorway is not as important as you having demonstrated your teach-ability.

    If you are unsure what to do, I would suggest you select a major of something general that you can complete in as fast a path as possible: Education, Journalism, English or something along those lines.

    One way to find out what you like is to do some volunteer work. Most churches, hospitals, senior centers, animal shelters and other similar groups have volunteer programs. This will help you meet interesting people and may help you decide what you like. Also, volunteer work is looked very favorably by employers when they look at your resume. It tells them you will go above what is expected.

    Remember that you will likely change your career several times in your lifetime as you change and your needs or desires change. I was a campus minister for 8 years, a retail manager for 19 years and have been a computer engineer for 11 years.

    Best wishes.

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