Which one is the best internet security protection ?

I have narrowed it down to 2 internet security protections for my computer… McAfee or Norton. I have read the reviews and they are both sounding really good. Right now they are both on sale around 1/2 price.. Though I would get some input on here. Thanks

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  1. Kelruze says:

    Grab a free AV, I use Avast, there is no best because even the most secure can be ruined by an uneducated user. Any will work as long as you educate yourself and don’t do anything dumb.

  2. Ooops says:

    After many years of using free A/V and anti malware I some months ago installed a Norton trial Internet security 2011on my daughters and granddaughters computers.I always felt Norton was a huge resource hog but the latest version was vastly improved. So much so that after three months I have installed it on my computer which seems considerably more responsive. My choice now until something better comes along.

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