why CA security suite 2007 does not work on my computer?

I Installed CA security suite 2007 our two laptops (They run on Vista) and they run fine.

But I tried to install CA security suite 2007 on my desktop and i am have some major problems. Ever since I installed it and the computer was up and running, it would restart on me. Whenever I tried to do something, it restarted on me. This has been happening ever since I installed CA security suite 2007.

I unstalled Macfee and Spy Sweeper. But when I uninstalled them, i had to remove them manueling because the remove program put did not work.

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  1. Don M says:

    Just to give you a little more info.
    Unless, one of the McAfee Tech people walked you through REGEDIT to remove all traces of any other Virus Software off of your computer, you are expieriancing compatability issues.
    This is not uncommon, the sad thing is that most users by thereself are not capable of removing all of the files and folders from the Registry, there are several.
    Any previous version of ANY Virus Software can cause this.
    Seek proffesional advise before you continue.

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