why do people buy computer home security systems when?

assault weapons and/or attack dogs work much better?

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  1. Chevalier says:

    Because most of us who own guns for protection would rather not have to use them.

    The gun in my home is the last line of defense not the first.

    And I would not own an attack dog for any reason.

  2. I want to plow your wife says:

    I’m into long range target shooting but I wouldn’t want to clean up the mess if I shot someone with my long range rifle in my house. A 300 ultra-mag makes a very big hole.

    Also, if I use a jacketed bullet that shell could travel through every wall in the house and end up in the neighbors house. I’m really not interested in popping off a shot and later finding out that I shot one of the neighbors.

  3. GEORGE B says:

    Something like an AK-47 or AR-16 may be effective, but they can also shoot through the walls of a wooden sided house and kill people several houses away.

  4. WhosUrDaddyNow says:

    Because burglars come in when you are NOT home. Feed your dog some liver bits and leave with your assault weapons.

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