Why is the antivirus keep popping up on my computer and sayng my computer has a security problem?

it comes up and says my computer is at risk but it seems like a virus

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  1. Mercuri says:

    You’re probably infected with one of those fake antivirus programs that’s actually a virus itself. Use malwarebytes to get rid of it.

  2. DavidLe says:

    Yes, probably a virus. Best thing you can do is try to use a scanner like Spybot Search And Destroy,AVG, or McAfee.

  3. Mr.D says:

    it’s a virus going around everywhere. my computer had it last week. it looks like a windows [or something] anti-virus thing, but it really IS a virus. idk, my mom got it off my computer, but whatever you do, don’t download it. it will completely screw your computer up.

  4. AngelaTC says:

    If you want to be really thorough, try http://www.majorgeeks.com. They have a long set of procedures that will clean gunk off your computer. And it is all free. They’re very helpful, but you have to work their steps before asking a question.

  5. J says:

    in my experiance ive tried almost all the anti viruses and the only one thats been great is eset nod32…go get it and it will destroy any virus in your path…also realize that alot of these antivius companies make there own viruses so they can say that they are the only ones that can kill them…what a load of shit right!

  6. David T says:

    its a malware,the only way to get rid of it is to install kaspersky internet security 2009,update all the database and run a full scan.
    after u delete all the viruses,ur computer should work just fine.

  7. chezzrob says:

    it sounds like you have no firewall set on your computer.

    Click Start >control panel >security >windows firewall >ensure it is on (unless you have it on in another software, you have it off).

  8. mike b says:

    Make sure your own anti virus protection is up to date and spam the one that keeps appearing on your screen.

  9. fernando says:

    in safe mode F8 run malwarebytes anti-malware and SUPERAntispyware,and what they find you
    delete it manually. then run ccleaner to cleand your pc, and mvregclean, to clean registry.
    what mvregclean find you remove because the key is there but not the file ,folder or program.
    even you reformat and it finds anything remove dont be afraid.

  10. arouge1786 says:

    First you need to get some powerful protection for your computer. There are a few choices when it comes to security, mainly in the AntiVirus department. Some very good, free anti-viruses available to download are:

    1) AVG 8 AntiVirus. Easiest interface to use, very fast scanning and doesn’t lag your computer at all. Only has a 76% detection rate, but catches the most harmful of viruses. If you’re a normal home user, you’re not in too much danger of higher level viruses and this is the AV for you:

    2) Avast! 4 AntiVirus. Smaller, sleeker skin, average scanning speed, but reports alot of safe files as viruses, so you might need to watch out for that. 78% detection rate, but alot more complicated than most other free AVs. Use this if you are handy with a computer and you know what needs to be scanned:

    3) Avira AntiVirus. Simple layout, which even the most basic of users can navigate. Incredibly fast scanning, with a 90% detection rate. Not as easy on the eyes as other AVs, and you need to know what you’re doing to get the more advanced features, but it is definite a candidate:
    Personally I use AVG, but only because I go for the easier interface. If you are paranoid about viruses then the only real option is Avira. But if you just want normal protection, then any of the three will do it for you.

    For any spyware problems, get SpyBot – Search and Destroy:
    And for protecting your computer for malware or tracking cookies, use Ad-Aware 2008 Free Edition:

    All of them are free, as powerful as paid programs, like McAfee and Norton (which only has an 18% detection rate!), and don’t use up as many resources.
    Just boot into Safe Mode (Press F8 when turning on the computer) and run full scans.

    Hope that helps.

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