Why It’s Essential Now More Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has made hybrid remote working the dominant model among professionals all over the world. Therefore, it’s essential for organizations to focus on endpoint security. By using the best endpoint security infrastructure, it is possible to protect remote workers from breaches while managing remote work. With a greater focus on flexible working methods, companies are creating and implementing policies that enable them to empower employees to work from their homes or other remote locations. What does good endpoint security look like in the era of remote and hybrid work? 

Hybrid Model as the New Normal

The pandemic has forced businesses and workers of all kinds to operate from remote locations. While the shift to remote work was at first a temporary solution to prevent more people from being affected by COVID-19, remote working practices are still going and will continue for at least a while. Companies are more readily adopting the hybrid working model with half of their teams working from home and working with each other online.       

Businesses face the tough challenge of managing their operations and figuring out new ways to boost their productivity. Companies must get creative about using their resources to support their remote access needs. The problem with remote computing is that it creates endpoint risks that companies may not have thought of or fought against before.   

Millions of people now connect with their company through their home networks, without the protection of a firewall. Moreover, employers require security teams to monitor these systems while working remotely themselves.   

Meanwhile, attackers try to take advantage of these endpoint risks. By making use of fake COVID-19 maps and phishing attacks, these criminals try to trick workers into disclosing their credentials and downloading apps like ransomware and malware. There have been numerous instances where attackers have infected public health sites with ransomware. Attackers make malicious apps for Android devices that pretend to alert people about others infected with COVID-19 who are close by.

Even small and mid-sized companies have faced…