Will a degree in Computer Science: Information security and assurance be sufficient to get a job in…?

Computer forensics?

I am currently a senior in college and about to have a bachelors degree in Computer Science: Information security and assurance. Would I be able to get a jo in computer forensics or will I need to furthur my education a bit? If so, what should I study?

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  1. farmhouse168 says:

    You may be able to take a specialized course at one of the colleges, or, yoiu could get into a large company and have them train you and most of them will cover the expense, or have you work in different areas. I worked in IT for a number of years for a major employer.
    They often put the new grads into management traniing then you can try different areas. But, if you can gain some prior expertise, it will help.
    There are plenty of “quick” training courses out there.

    Best of luck!

  2. Foad says:

    Technically yes, although it is important to have taken few hand-on courses such as popular programming courses

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