Will your security scan run when your computer is off?

Can one turn his or her computer off when the security scan is running.Is it possible to set the scan during the night when the system is turned off?

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  1. James Lamming says:

    no, but if your computer is inactive then it is very hard/nearly impossible for a virus to get to your files so you should be safe

  2. MICHAEL says:

    You don’t say which virus software you use.

    Most have an option, usually on SCAN settings, so that computer turns off when scan is complete.

    The computer must be on to run any sort of scan though.

  3. itsjunglepat says:

    Security scan will not run when your computer is off though many will scan automatically when you boot up.
    Program schedules can be set up.. just like some people might do a scheduled defrag of a computer, but again, the computer will need to be on at the scheduled time.
    I don’t think there are any programs that will turn a totally off computer on at a scheduled time, but there’s probably some that will bring it out of hibernation mode.

  4. The EggMan says:

    If your computer is off, it’s off.

    What you can do is set the Windows Update and the Anti-virus to run a full scan like at 2 AM for one and 4 AM for the other, everyday of the week.

    This way you leave your computer on all night one day of the week, any day you care to do as your schedule calls for.

    Of course it’s wise to have some time for the next morning, as there might be something you will have to address, like if the anti-virus flags something when you wake up.

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