Windows Ransomware Black’s screen and disables input?

So a few days ago I was looking for a cracked version of a software called Synapse X. I came across a website called: Synapse X Free Key Generator ( DO NOT GO HERE 100% MALWARE ). It was a old website and had two links: Synapse X Key Gen and Synapse X Crack ( Less Stable ). I clicked the key gen option and then the website warned me to turn off my antivirus otherwise the key gen would not work and get marked as a false virus by any antivirus. I was pretty desperate so I turned of real time protection on Windows Defender. I tried to extract the zip file but the windows one would not let me (Probably due to the fact it was the most dodgiest file ever) so I extracted it with 7zip. There was a file called “data.exe”. I ran it and after a few seconds nothing happened. I straight away something wrong happened so I opened Task Manager and found the task and other random dodgy tasks. I tried to terminate them but it said I needed administrator access which I did have. I went back to the explorer to delete the file but the explorer crashed. When I reopened it PowerShell opened and random .exe files and .dll files started appearing in the folder. Windows Defender went haywire and then started detecting viruses everywhere (Temp Folder, Windows Folder, System32) I tried to run a Windows Defender Offline Scan but nothing happened. After 10 minutes of seeing corrupted files everywhere the computer tells me that I am about to be signed out. I wait for it and then the computer turns off. I try to turn it back and it does the whole dell logo and stuff then it stays black. I booted into a lubuntu drive and can access the windows drive just fine. After many restarts i can finally boot into windows but the UI is missing. I knew a simple fix to this and as soon as the UI appeared again the Security starts detecting threats again and it signs me out. Backups do not work for some reason. When it is in black screen the keyboard and mouse do not work. I have gotten many emails of random attempts to login to my online accounts from somewhere in Europe. Please Help Me.

If you want to talk on discord add, me: Shell#1731

I screwed up :(