Windows Vista security claims my computer is infected but when I scan from McAfee nothing comes up?

HELP I keep getting stuff popping up from Windows Vista Security (which I’ve never seen before in my life) and it tells me to register, and says my computer is infected with tons of Trojans, but when I scan with McAfee (which I paid god money for) It doesn’t give me anything.


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  1. Blue hills Granny says:

    Type in microsoft security essentials download and run the full scan follow instructions forget Mcafee and AVG money wasted just like me If it is too late,…. you may have to reformat and start over If you need help send it in to a computer shop and have them do it Do not delay security essentials has the latest updates be sure to set it up for automatic updates

  2. Big Mo says:

    Windows Vista Security is a fake program. It trys to get you to download their program and then they take over your computer until you pay them for their program. I believe it is a Vundo Trojan and used to be called Smitfraud.
    Close your window if you can. If not just turn off computer and restart. If the program pops back up you are infected. You may need to have a computer tech to help you remove it, if you cannot find a program that will remove it. Good luck!!

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