Work-From-Home Jobs That Are in Demand Right Now

8. Graphic Designer

  • Projected annual job openings: 23,900
  • Average hourly wage: $24.33

Whether it’s for websites, advertising, newspapers or brochures, graphic designers use their creative skills to help people better understand products or ideas. Much of the work can be done remotely, with team members providing feedback to a designer’s draft by videoconference or email. While employers often prefer applicants who have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in design, experience and a strong work portfolio can be enough to land the job.

9. Web Developer

  • Projected annual job openings: 17,900
  • Average hourly wage: $32.98

Every website we rely on to stay informed, connected with our communities and supplied with our essential needs is designed and maintained by a team of web developers. The job is unique because it requires workers to be detail-oriented enough to get the most out of the available computer software but also creative enough to visualize new ways to keep visitors engaged.

10. Information Security Analyst

  • Projected annual job openings: 16,300
  • Average hourly wage: $39.50

Preventing hackers from exploiting the vulnerabilities of a company’s computer networks is a challenging job — and one for which demand is growing rapidly. According to the BLS, the total number of information security analyst jobs is expected to increase by 33 percent over the next decade.

11. Speech Pathologist

  • Projected annual job openings: 15,200
  • Average hourly wage: $44.26

When children (or adults) have communication disorders that make it difficult for them to pronounce words or otherwise speak clearly, speech pathologists help them understand the source of the problem and correct it. Just as many medical jobs switched to telehealth treatments during the pandemic, speech pathology also added opportunities in teletherapy. But remember, even though you’ll be working remotely, you must have the proper licenses for the states where both you and your clients live.