Worried about your cellphone being hacked. You’re not alone

Hackers and hacking have been around for a long time.

Cybernews, an online research-based publication that investigates and tracks hacking, said the term “was first used in relation to using technical know-how back in 1955 at a meeting of the Technical Model Railroad Club. In the meeting minutes, it was used to describe how members modified the functions of their high-tech train sets.”

More than 60 years later, there are lot more items around capable of being hacked than just high-tech train sets. So the folks at Bespoke Software Development (www.bespokesoftwaredevelopment.com) commissioned a study to find out what household items could be targets for hackers.

Using an online analytics tool, the company’s study found the No. 1 item, by far and away, was the cellphone. Worldwide, the study found that the phrase “How to know if your phone is hacked” or similar phrases were used 716,400 times during the study period, which took place earlier this month.