Yale CS professor wins award for ‘Pancake’ cybersecurity system

Contributing Reporter

Anasthasia Shilov, Illustrations Editor

Anurag Khandelwal, assistant professor of computer science, won a Distinguished Paper Award at the 29th USENIX Security Symposium for his paper on a new cybersecurity system this fall.

The annual USENIX Security Symposium, which Computer Science Department Chair Zhong Shao called “one of the most prestigious computer science conferences,” brings together researchers and practitioners from within the security field. Each year, hundreds of researchers submit their papers to USENIX in hopes of winning an award and sharing their work with a large audience. Khandelwal’s paper — which he worked on with associates from Cornell University, Cornell Tech and University of California, Berkeley — reported on the security system they developed called Pancake.

“The department is really thrilled that Anurag has won this distinguished paper award during his first year at Yale,” Shao wrote in an email to the News. “There are many faculty members and students at Yale who are really interested in the data security and privacy problem. Anurag is a top researcher and a real system builder in this field. We all look forward to seeing many more exciting results from him in the coming years.”

Khandelwal’s paper was one of 11 papers to earn a Distinguished Paper Award at the 2020 conference. In total, there were 977 submissions, and 157 were accepted.

Pancake prevents “malicious” cloud administrators from accessing potentially sensitive information from certain server records. Although data being stored in the cloud may be encrypted, sensitive information…