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Airmen from the 355th Wing A-Staff demonstrated a new concept to communicate efficiently with radios through cloud technology at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., Sept. 8, 2023.

In the modern age, means of communicating have been perpetually evolving. The MANET C2 High Mobility Radio is a new way of communication, by connecting to other radios across the planet in real-time through the power of cloud technology utilizing the MPU5 radio.

An example of this new technology is being able to communicate to other installations via radio without having to rely on the use of land line telephones. This demonstrated DM’s agile communications solution in an effort to highlight capabilities that should be standard in future fielded solutions.

This flexibility enables teams to work together efficiently, regardless of their physical location. Cloud data concepts have paved the way in communication technology, supplying individuals in critical positions with the ability to receive and give information instantly relay information.

Utilizing both cellular and satellite internet sources, this structure continuously provides reliability. Without an internet source this structure still allows communication within “line-of-sight”.

This new communication concept demonstrates the 355th Wing’s initiative to excel in the cyber communication and cyber warfare spaces and evolve to the ever-changing fight and furthering the gap between near-peer competitors.