Mobile Security News

Appdome unveils advanced Anti-Malware protections against Android accessibility service threats

September 28, 2023/by SecureTech

Xiaomi announces 13T Pro with promise of four major Android updates

September 26, 2023/by SecureTech

Egyptian presidential hopeful targeted by Predator spyware

September 23, 2023/by SecureTech

Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1 seems to break Google Wallet

September 21, 2023/by SecureTech

September 2023 Android security patch here for Pixels

September 18, 2023/by SecureTech

Three Exciting Pixel 8 Pro Leaks That Will Change The World

September 17, 2023/by SecureTech

Dangerous permissions detected in top Android health apps

September 15, 2023/by SecureTech

Mobile Verification Toolkit: Forensic analysis of Android and iOS devices to identify compromise

September 14, 2023/by SecureTech

Wix Launches Tap to Pay on Android to Make In-Person Commerce Easier for U.S. Merchants with Stripe

September 12, 2023/by SecureTech

Week 36 in review: Oppo A38 announced, Moto G54 goes official, more iPhone 15 rumors

September 10, 2023/by SecureTech

Google Delivers September Android Security Bulletin, but No Pixel Update Yet

September 6, 2023/by SecureTech

Apple Taking Applications Now, But There’s A Catch

September 3, 2023/by SecureTech

Russian State-Backed ‘Infamous Chisel’ Android Malware Targets Ukrainian Military

September 1, 2023/by SecureTech

Multiple green country schools implementing clear bag policy for … – KTUL

August 30, 2023/by SecureTech

Android phones could steal a major feature from iPhone 14

August 29, 2023/by SecureTech

Android 14/13, August 2023 Security Patches

August 27, 2023/by SecureTech

I’m a security expert – never click killer link on your iPhone or Android or ‘it may be too late’ to save you

August 26, 2023/by SecureTech

RuggON SOL PA501 Rugged Tablet Now Features Android 12 OS and GMS Certification

August 24, 2023/by SecureTech

Not everything is secret in encrypted apps like iMessage and WhatsApp

August 23, 2023/by SecureTech

Calendar app gaining popularity with students raises security concerns

August 21, 2023/by SecureTech

Commentary: Right intention, wrong approach for OCBC and its new anti-scam measure

August 19, 2023/by SecureTech

August 2023 Android Security Patch

August 18, 2023/by SecureTech

‘TunnelCrack’ Vulnerabilities Identified; Updating VPN Should Address Security Issue – Forbes Advisor

August 16, 2023/by SecureTech

US Department of Labor obtains judgment to recover $47K in back wages, damages after Louisiana security company denied overtime to 58 workers

August 15, 2023/by SecureTech

Chrome Supports Key Pinning on Android to Improve Security

August 12, 2023/by SecureTech

Criminals Have Created Their Own ChatGPT Clones

August 7, 2023/by SecureTech