Mobile Security News

US Department of Labor finds Salt Lake City restaurant supply company illegally employed 22 minor-aged workers beyond hours allowed

March 28, 2023/by SecureTech

How is Data in ‘Star Trek: Picard’ if he died in ‘Star Trek: Nemesis?’

March 27, 2023/by SecureTech

TikTok collects a lot of data. But that’s not the main reason officials say it’s a security risk

March 25, 2023/by SecureTech

Billions of Android and iPhone users warned to delete messages immediately after ‘bank-draining’ attack alert

March 24, 2023/by SecureTech

Android users should turn off this feature, Google warns

March 22, 2023/by SecureTech

Unpatched Samsung Chipset Vulnerabilities Open Android Users to RCE Attacks

March 20, 2023/by SecureTech

The Best SMS Text Messaging Apps for Android

March 19, 2023/by SecureTech

Is Your Phone At Risk? Google Raises Security Alarm For Android Users

March 17, 2023/by SecureTech

Urgent security warning for Android users over ‘dangerous’ new bug that’s spread across the world

March 16, 2023/by SecureTech

South Korean Android Banking Menace – FakeCalls

March 14, 2023/by SecureTech

Outlook for Android, iOS to get own Multi-factor authentication capability this month

March 13, 2023/by SecureTech

Google releases security updates for Android owners with millions warned over ‘critical’ flaws putting phones at risk

March 11, 2023/by SecureTech

Billions of iPhone and Android owners warned over ‘cursed movie’ – one click steals your money and puts you in danger

March 9, 2023/by SecureTech

What should Musk do to better secure Twitter users after 2FA goes away?

March 8, 2023/by SecureTech

Billions of Android owners urged to turn on three hidden safety locks – you’re living on the edge without them

March 6, 2023/by SecureTech

AhnLabs Tops the List of Best Android Antiviruses for Home Users / Digital Information World

March 5, 2023/by SecureTech

Robinhood’s wallet app is now available to all iOS users

March 2, 2023/by SecureTech

The ARCHOS Cota is a security camera with wireless power

February 28, 2023/by SecureTech

Security challenges before FSI industry in 2023, CIOSEA News, ETCIO SEA

February 26, 2023/by SecureTech

Samsung Galaxy M53 gets One UI 5.1 in Europe, Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy S21 series receive it it in the US

February 25, 2023/by SecureTech

Malwarebytes Expands Platform With New Application Block Capabilities

February 22, 2023/by SecureTech

Newland’s N910 and N700 Android SmartPOS terminals achieve Common.SECC certification

February 20, 2023/by SecureTech

Twitter to charge for a basic security feature that costs nothing on other platforms

February 19, 2023/by SecureTech

Experts Warn of RambleOn Android Malware Targeting South Korean Journalists

February 17, 2023/by SecureTech

Six marine safety devices that could save a fisherman

February 16, 2023/by SecureTech

Android game with 1m downloads leaked users’ private messages

February 14, 2023/by SecureTech