Is it Safe to Use a Torrent Site?

Protect Your Privacy and Identity

If you use a Torrent website without the protection of a VPN then your every action can and will be documented by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Before you visit a Torrent site we recommend using a quality VPN.
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You’ve heard about Torrent web sites and your curiosity has gotten the better of you and that means you just want to have a look-see. Well here are few things you need to know before you take that first step.

  • What is Torrenting?
    Torrenting is a popular file sharing protocol based on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. It allows vast numbers of users to connect and share content without having to rely on a single source for downloads.
  • Can you go to jail for Torrenting?
    You don’t get arrested for using Torrent. Torrent is just a file copy protocol which very efficiently moves files around the Internet. You may get arrested for downloading licensed content for which you do not have a license if they can identify you.
  • What is the punishment for Torrenting?
    If you get caught and depending on where you reside you can get up to five years in jail. Fines and charges of up to $150,000 per file. In addition to any other charges that might be brought against you, the copyright holder can file suit, which can result in legal fees and damages that must be paid.
  • Can you Torrent without a VPN?
    Yes you can Torrent without a VPN but Torrenting without a VPN means your internet service provider (ISP) can see your online activity including the sites you visit and the content you view. In certain countries, including the US, ISPs are allowed to share this information with third parties including intellectual property owners.