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What Is a Next-Generation Intrusion Detection System?

After an online panel discussion on upgrading intrusion detection systems (IDS) to next-generation IDS, an interested participant reached out through LinkedIn. He had a simple question: “So, what is the definition of next generation intrusion detection system (NG-IDS)?” I started to write a quick response, then reflected on the question and concluded an NG-IDS definition needed […]

What if we could vote online?

Voting legislation has drawn lots of attention these days. There is very little chance that any election/voting bills will pass this year in Juneau. The House and the Senate are leaning in opposite directions. However, Kenai Peninsula Votes (KPV) thinks this is a good thing because a pause for any voting bill might defuse some […]

Bad Bot Report 2021: The Pandemic of the Internet

The 8th Annual Bad Bot Report is now available from Imperva. Created using data from Imperva’s Threat Research Lab, it provides a comprehensive look at the bad bot landscape and the impact that this malicious traffic has across multiple industries. Bad bot traffic amounted to 25.6 percent of all website traffic in 2020. This means […]

Ransomware: Looking beyond endpoint protection

The last year has been one of the most active in the previous decade in cybersecurity. More than 1,000 data breaches took place in the United States alone, with a total of 155 million individuals impacted by data exposures, according to Statista. But when it comes to ransomware, the data on this insidious type of cyberattack […]