Community Fibre is more than living up to its name

Many companies will claim ESG “is in our DNA”, but how many can point to their company’s name as evidence it behaves in a responsible and nurturing fashion?

Community Fibre can, and its community mindedness runs all the way down from its branding to the communities across London that it serves, by installing fibre-based broadband connections.

Unlike most providers, Community Fibre builds, owns and operates its own dedicated fibre-optic network. This means it does not have to rely on anyone else’s cables, be it Openreach or any of the other major broadband players.

And where most broadband providers use a combination of fibre-optic cable connected to old copper phone-wires, running its open network means Community Fibre’s network is fibre-only.

Fibre by name, fibre by nature – and the same goes for the ‘community’ portion of the company’s proposition – all of which is great news for its customers across 29 London boroughs. 

ESG element of Community Fibre is very strong

The ESG element of Community Fibre’s business is strong, and, as Head of Supply Chain for the business, Mike Brooman is as heavily involved in helping the company deliver in this area as he is helping ensure its customers receive a great service.

“We’ve got a very strong ESG focus at Community Fibre,” he says. “It’s one of our company goals and one of the main reasons I wanted to work here. 

“As Head of Supply Chain, it’s my responsibility to make sure our supply chain matches and supports those ESG goals and purposes.” 

To this end, he is part of the company’s Green Team, which is led by CEO Graeme Oxby. The Green Team helps the business focus both on short- and long-term projects designed to reduce its impact on the environment. 

“My involvement in the Green Team is in supporting those who deliver these benefits, by ensuring they’ve got access to the products and services they need to deliver to the communities that we serve.”

The company also has a Digital Ambassador Programme (DAP) as part of its strong line-up of ESG programmes. Under DAP, Community Fibre trains members of the community to become qualified ‘digital ambassadors’, who then go on to help residents in…