Craving Dessert At Work? Watch The Latest Hack To Use Office Resources To Make It

Craving Dessert At Work? Watch The Latest Hack To Use Office Resources To Make It

The videos share a useful dessert hack.

You are in front of your laptop at work and a sudden craving for something sweet crops up. What do you do? Since you are not at home and your office probably doesn’t have deserts in their canteen, you’re left with no option but to order it. Well, maybe not. We all know how ordering food online can be a little expensive and the wait for it to arrive is too much. Now you can save that money and time and still satiate your sweet cravings. How? With office supplies! 

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If you regularly follow food trends on the internet, you might have seen some videos about using office resources to create a dessert! We found two videos on Instagram – one on ‘travel_with_priyanka_’ in collaboration with ‘the_glowing_glory’ and another on ‘_riyaa_20’ with ‘ishika.jaiswal.3762’. 

Both videos show similar ways to use office resources to make a mug cake in no time. All you have to do is take a small biscuit pack and crush it with your hands. Then open the pack and pour the crumbled biscuits into a mug. Add some milk, sugar and fruit salt and mix everything together well. Then pop it in the microwave oven to bake it. It should not take more than 5 minutes. Your freshly baked biscuit mug cake will be ready to be enjoyed any time during office breaks. Genius, right? 

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The videos are getting attention on social media with many people giving their approval. 

A user said, “As a self-appointed mug cake expert, I approve of this. Gotta add some chocolate on top though.” 

One user jokingly said, “Me running to the HR to complain about you guys.” 

Another user narrated his own experience doing a similar trick which did not end well. “We tried this at Amazon Hyderabad office … we forgot to turn off the oven the cup was boiling and there was this black smoke all over the place and the Fire alarm started to ring all the security members came to our place and there was this huge mess. … A memorable day.” 

Will you try this hack next time you crave a dessert in the office?