Cyber Security training enhanced with test range in Adelaide

The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre has opened its Cyber Test Range at Lot Fourteen in time for the annual Australian Cyber Week showcase.

Known as A3C, the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre opened Australia’s largest cyber test range last week and will host a series of events from today as part of a national week to promote the growing industry.

The Cyber Test Range is the largest commercial cyber range in Australia and will provide a safe virtual environment to practice handling real-world cyber warfare scenarios through training and evaluation of the latest cyber threats and technologies.

A3C CEO Hai Tran said this collaboration and training within the Range facilities is part of the reason the A3C is the hub of cyber security in Australia.

“The A3C enables South Australia to become the safest place to conduct business through bringing global expertise and best practice to Australia, connecting them with the brightest minds from academia and small to medium-sized businesses,” Tran said.

Australia’s small cyber security sector is forecast to triple its revenue over the coming decade due to increased demand for cyber security products and services, according to AustCyber, the national body for the industry and a…