HP Wolf Connect expands PC management to help close security gaps

HP has introduced HP Wolf Connect, a connectivity solution for IT management that offers a secure connection to remote PCs. This solution allows IT professionals to manage devices even when they are offline or turned off.

Using a cellular-based network, HP Wolf Connect’s robust connectivity helps ensure IT teams can readily manage a dispersed hybrid workforce. It can reduce the time and effort needed to resolve support tickets, secure data from loss or theft to mitigate a potential breach and optimize asset management.

“Hybrid work has made remote management at scale more complex, yet more essential,” comments Dr. Ian Pratt, Global Head of Security for Personal Systems, HP Inc. “The cloud has helped but hasn’t solved IT’s ability to manage devices that are powered down or offline. HP Wolf Connect’s highly resilient connection opens new doors to remote device management, enabling efficient and effective management of dispersed workforces.”

HP Wolf Protect and Trace with Wolf Connect is a software service capable of locating, locking and erasing a PC remotely, even when it’s turned off or disconnected from the Internet. This capability protects sensitive data on the move and helps lower IT costs by reducing the need for PC remediation or replacement.

Securing and managing the hybrid workforce is a top priority for organizations. New global research from HP Wolf Security found 82% of security leaders operating a hybrid work model have gaps in their organization’s security posture. The global study of 1,492 security leaders found:

  • 61% say protecting their hybrid workers will get harder in the year ahead.
  • 70% say that hybrid work increases the risk of lost or stolen devices.

“IT teams need a better way to deal with the increase in lost or stolen devices,” continues Pratt. “Before today, solutions relied on PCs being on or connected to the internet, but HP Wolf Connect now provides a highly resilient mobile connection to find, lock, and erase lost or stolen devices even if they are disconnected or powered down.

Pratt continues; “This is particularly crucial in industries where devices may contain PII (personally identifiable information) or…