Marine services giant Swire Pacific Offshore hit by ransomware


Marine services giant Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) has suffered a Clop ransomware attack that allowed threat actors to steal company data.

Swire Pacific Offshore discovered an unauthorized network infiltration onto its IT systems, resulting in the compromise of some employee data.

“Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) has discovered that it was the target of a cyberattack which involved unauthorised access to its IT systems,” Swire Pacific Offshore said in a statement to BleepingComputer.

“The unauthorised access has resulted in the loss of some confidential proprietary commercial information and has resulted in the loss of some personal data. The cyberattack has not materially affected SPO’s global operations.”

As the company clarified, the cyberattack hasn’t affected SPO’s global operations, and neither has it resulted in the loss of confidential information.

The firm has reported the incident to the relevant authorities and continues to investigate with the help of external experts to determine the exact scope and impact.

Clop gang claims responsibility.

The Clop ransomware group has claimed responsibility for the attack and posted screenshots of data during the attack.

The screenshots indicate that the ransomware gang stole passports, payroll information, ID numbers, bank account details, email addresses, and internal correspondence messages.

Swire Pacific page on Clop data leak site
Swire Pacific page on Clop data leak site

From what BleepingComputer could discern by the leaked data, the claims that the threat actors stole employees’ personal data during the attack appear valid.

Size of the breach

The number of exposed individuals could reach 2,500, corresponding to the firm’s seafaring and onshore personnel in 18 countries.

SPO will contact all of the potentially affected individuals to inform them about the incident, but no exact numbers have been published yet.

Swire Pacific Offshore is the world’s largest supplier of specialist offshore cargo carrying units and offers ship management, offshore support, and liner shipping services.

The firm has a presence in over 400 ports globally and operates a fleet of over 200 vessels, reporting yearly revenues of over $10 billion.

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