Michael Dell buying a house in Boston, thankfully

Dell CEO and Chairman Michael Dell is a few pen strokes away from buying a house in the city of Boston, Fortune reports, which may help assuage concerns here in Massachusetts that his company’s recent $ 67 billion purchase of EMC will result in the storage powerhouse and its some 9,500 local employees moving to Texas.

Dell from the moment the deal was announced has said he plans to keep EMC right where it is, but nothing says “We’re sticking around” quite like ponying up for a local abode (Dell has other homes in Texas and Hawaii).  

And, local jobs aside, I have an even more parochial concern about Dell’s intentions: I live and pay taxes in the town of Hopkinton, which is the longtime home of EMC. There must be a second-largest employer/taxpayer, but I couldn’t tell you who that might be.

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Network World Paul McNamara