The Day – ‘Democracy of the free world is at stake’

Democratic nations of the world must unite. Putin, the communist dictator of Russia who is engaged in a war on Ukrainian people to overthrow their Democratic nation, is guilty of genocide. Thousands of civilians have been murdered. Due to the threat of a nuclear war, what are the options for the current situation in Ukraine? Cyber warfare, or the end of Democracy? Negotiations are the first option, but when “War Crimes” have been committed as verifiable, and negotiations are not working, how do you enforce the penalty? This is the time to forget the political theater. If we do not, you will not have to worry about Democrats, Republicans and independents opinions or elections. A dictator will tell you what to do. Democratic nations of the world must unite. The Democracy of the free world is at stake. Putin’s goals do not stop with Ukraine. We as the United States must stand together as leaders of the “Free World.”

William Giustini

New London