Video: See Drinkmotizer, a robotic drink-mixer, make Long Island Iced Tea

Cabe Atwell

Every engineer wants to build a drink-mixing robot according to Cabe Atwell, who turned that dream into reality.

Atwell calls it the “Drinkmotizer,” or just “Drinkmo.” It was constructed with an Arduino and Raspberry Pi, liquor bottles, power tools, and a lot of dedication.

“I know what you are thinking, ‘hey, there are other drink mixing bots out there, what makes this one different?’ This one doesn’t break the bank. It’s DIY, Open, expandable. Artistically speaking, It isn’t just a nozzle that sprays alcohol at objects, it uses the actual bottle, and gravity,” Atwell wrote in a post on Element14’s community site. Atwell also wrote about the project yesterday on DesignNews.

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