VMware and EMC promise app building platform for Amazon, other clouds

Pivotal Senior VP Scott Yara discusses building apps across clouds.

VMware and EMC recently spun out several cloud computing and big data product teams to form a new, jointly owned subsidiary called “Pivotal.” Today, Pivotal said it has begun operations and will deliver a set of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud products called Pivotal One, making it easier to build enterprise applications on a variety of cloud services.

Pivotal One will be sold “as a unified platform in Q4 2013,” according to a Pivotal data sheet, but some of the products it includes are already available today. One of those is VMware’s Cloud Foundry PaaS software, which will soon be able to operate on both Amazon Web Services and VMware-based cloud networks.

“One of the things we’re going to deliver this quarter is a version of Cloud Foundry showing this cloud-independent model where, at cloudfoundry.com, we’ll be running on both an Amazon infrastructure as well as VMware’s cloud infrastructure at the same time,” Scott Yara, senior VP of Pivotal’s platform and products, said on stage at a company announcement. Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz (and former VMware boss) also stressed the importance of working across different clouds, calling them the “modern equivalent of hardware.”

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