Android 13 Device List: One UI 5, OxygenOS 13, MIUI 13.5/14, Realme UI 4.0, ColorOS 13

Android 13 is a start that everyone is looking at, and Google has prepared Android 13 recipes for a wide variety of Android smartphone makers including Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and more with a huge supported device list. Android 13 is promising and so does its new features.

According to Google, Android 13 brings you to brand new user interface changes including the copy and past UI. Aside from the traditional text management options, this new addition confirms that the content has been successfully copied and will let you preview the content right on the spot.

Now let’s talk about the themed app icons, an advanced version of last year’s Dynamic theme feature powered by the Material You Android design library. This new feature will allow you to add a tint color combination to the app based on your current dynamic theme color palette, which is cool and changes the entire user interface in a new way.

Not only the user interface but the Android 13 lays a foundation of better privacy and security control options such as categorized storage permission – one for photos and videos and the other for music and audio. This approach further strengthens the user control over the privacy section.

There are other new Android 13 features specially tailored for intelligent user experience such as smart media control, separate app language support, and better UI support for big-screen devices and there’s a lot more to explore on this upcoming Android version.

Android 13 device list


Android 13 is currently under beta testing on different Android device makers and some of them including Pixel, Lenovo, Asus, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi, and others have already started the beta program for their corresponding supported list of devices. Samsung too has been found testing the Android 13 internally.

Since these phone makers are all relied on the Android version, they will also be adopting these useful Android 13 features onboard on their customized software skins such as One UI 5.0, OxygenOS 13, Realme UI 4.0, ColorOS 13, MIUI 13.5 or subsequent, Funtouch OS 13, and others.

Although, Phone makers are yet to confirm their device list for Android 13 but we can see some of them ahead…