Hack your mac: 13 easy ways to make boxed mac and cheese even better

From the traditional elbow noodles with yellow cheese to the organic, whole-wheat variety with white cheddar, no matter which kind you choose, we promise, once you hack your mac, you’ll never go back.
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Docker Users Targeted with Crypto Malware Via Misconfigured APIs – Infosecurity Magazine

Docker Users Targeted with Crypto Malware Via Misconfigured APIs  Infosecurity Magazine
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Apple pays $75,000 to hacker for discovery of exploits to hijack iPhone camera

Apple awarded $ 75,000 to a hacker who discovered exploits that allowed him to hijack the cameras of iPhones and Macs. Security researcher and former Amazon Web Services security engineer Ryan Pickren …
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Crazy cryptomining Cooking Mama rumours spread as game pulled from Nintendo Switch online store

This weekend rumours circulated that the Nintendo Switch video game “Cooking Mama: Cookstar” contained code that would secretly hijack the game console’s processing power to mine for cryptocurrency.

Probably not the kind of think you expect as you attempt to conjour up everything from burritos to Baked Alaska.

Graham Cluley