Can you work in internet security in California?

In California the law says a job can only go back 7 years in criminal history check. What about a job like internet security in California, does anyone know if they can get around this law and go back more than 7 years? Because it’s not a goverment agency, but I don’t know.

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  1. Joe Banana says:

    People like that, with computing power, and resources, like that, DO, what they want, when they want, “laws be damned” and if your in the way,(so to speak) stuff could accidentaly be exposed. But,unless, you haven’t expunged the stuff, that you should have expunged,I wouldn’t worry.
    too much
    But, hey,they still cant find MWD’s,so you think they’ll find your pot conviction from 1981,really?.

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