Mobile Payment Security Software Market Size and Forecast

New Jersey, United States,- The report on the Mobile Payment Security Software Market is derived from intense research, conducted by a team of industry professionals. The report covers briefly the products or services in the market and their application. The report also provides information on the technological advancements taking place in the Mobile Payment Security Software market, helping the market vendors to increase their business productivity and operational efficiency. The report categorizes the Mobile Payment Security Software market into segments, based on various attributes and features of the products or services. The analysis and research have been performed to help the new market entrants to understand the vast Mobile Payment Security Software market in a deeper and simpler way. The base year for the research is 2021 and the research would extend to the forecast period 2028.

It is our aim to provide our readers with report for the Mobile Payment Security Software Market, which examines the industry during the period 2021 – 2028. One goal is to present deeper insight into this line of business in this document. The first part of the report focuses on providing the industry definition for the product or service under focus in the Mobile Payment Security Software Market report. Next, the document will study the factors responsible for hindering and enhancing growth in the industry. After covering various areas of interest in the industry, the report aims to provide how the Mobile Payment Security Software Market will grow during the forecast period.

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The report covers extensive analysis of the key market players in the market, along with their business overview, expansion plans, and strategies. The key players studied in the report include:

• Cryptzone
• Splunk
• Akamai Technologies
• SnoopWall
• Zscaler
• StrikeForce Technologies
• Fortinet
• Symantec
• Digital Guardian
• Axway
• MobileIron
• Veracode
• VMware
• Entrust

One of the crucial parts of this report comprises Mobile Payment Security Software industry…


The best smartwatches of 2021: Which is right for you?

Whether you like to play hard and need a watch that will keep up, or need a sleek business watch that makes work simpler, there are some great options for wearable fans this year.


2021 has been flying by fast, and with it has gone the release of a glut of smartwatches from tech giants and traditional timepiece manufacturers alike. There are a lot to choose from, and it can be hard to pick. 

Knowing which smartwatch to get, either for yourself or as a holiday gift, comes down to more than just knowing what kind of processing power, storage space, or bells and whistles a wearable device has. It means knowing what fits the niche in your life that a smartwatch could occupy. Those needs are going to differ greatly from person to person and professional to professional; these are just a few types of users who may find their perfect match in these best smartwatches of 2021. 

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One quick note: You might notice that there isn’t a “best fitness wearable” category in this list, and that’s intentional. A modern smartwatch without fitness tracking capabilities isn’t much of a smartwatch at all, and it’s safe to assume that if you’re shopping for one you probably assume it’s going to have those capabilities, which all the devices in this list do. 

The best smartwatch for Android users


The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series.

Image: Samsung

The mobile wars have, in many ways, come down to a similar divide that we had in the early days of Mac and Windows: Apple was (and still is) a walled garden, while Windows PCs were more open, leading to security issues but allowing for more customization. 

We’re in that place now with iOS and Android, mimicking Mac and Windows, respectfully. If you use an Android device there’s no better watch to choose from than the new (as of August) Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

The latest generation of Samsung smartwatches has optical heart rate, electrical heart and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sensors that Samsung said make it capable of…


Yubico Security Key C NFC offers more secure authentication

Yubico Security C NFC

Yubico isn’t exactly a new name when it comes to security but the company has just released a new security key. The Yubico Security Key C NFC follows the YubiKey 5C NFC but is more affordable. It offers the same security access to your Windows 10 computer, Android phone, or even iPhone if want peace of mind all the time. It’s a physical key that makes it difficult or almost impossible for hackers to get into. This tap-and-go product works via NFC connectivity and with some apps that may require secure and private access.

This Yubico Security Key C NFC is portable and durable. Carry it anywhere or put on a keyring. It’s durable as the body is made of Fiberglass. It’s also compatible and can fit any standard USB-C port. This thing works with most popular apps and web services.

The Yubico Security Key C NFC is a security key that offers hardware-based authentication solution. It’s best protection again phishing, hacking, and account takeovers. It asks for compliance requirements as a promise of strong authentication.

As described, it combines hardware-based authentication and public key cryptography. This way, a device is well-protected. It also offers FIDO U2F and FIDO 2 support.

A passwordless future may be possible with this security key. Authentication is also simple and intuitive. Using it is faster up to 4X than SMS based authentication or OTP.

This is what modern authentication is all about. It’s reliable and effective. The Yubico Security Key C NFC can also help reduce IT operational costs as it reduces password support cases by about 92%.

You can purchase the Security Key C NFC by Yubico from HERE. A piece costs $29 but you can get more: two for $58, ten for $290, or a tray of 50 for $1,450.


Mobile Ticketing in Transportation Market: Detailed Strategies, Competitive Landscaping and Developments for Next 10 Years (2021-2030)

AMINew Study Reports ” Mobile Ticketing In Transportation Market , Global Market Size, Share, Regional Growth Analysis, Upcoming Trends, R&D Status, Technology, Source and Development Analysis Report 2021-2030has been AddedIn terms of revenue, global mobile ticketing in transportation market was valued at US$ 993.84 Mn in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 18% over the forecast period. Some of the players operating in the mobile ticketing in transportation market are Bytemark, Inc., Corethree, Cubic Corporation, Famoco, Genfare, Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH, Infineon Technologies AG, Margento B.V., Masabi Ltd, Mobisoft Infotech LLC, moovel Group GmbH., NTT DATA, Inc., Paragon Group Limited, PASSPORT LABS, Inc., PayiQ, Thales Group, Transdev and Trapeze Software ULC amongst others.

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‣ Example pages from the report

‣ And many more…

This Mobile Ticketing in Transportation Market report includes a range of inhibitors as well as driving forces of the market which are analysed in both qualitative and quantitative approach so that readers and users get precise information and insights about this industry. Statistical data mentioned in the report is symbolized with the help of graphs which simplifies the understanding of facts and figures. This Mobile Ticketing in Transportation Market report helps define commerce strategies to the businesses of small, medium as well as large size. The analysis and estimations conducted via this Mobile Ticketing in Transportation Market report help to get an idea about the product launches, future products, joint ventures, marketing strategy, developments, mergers and acquisitions and effect of the same on sales, marketing,…