HR3261 & S968 are threatening the Internet. Most of the web sites you use strongly oppose these bills.

This is how you can help put a stop to this madness before it’s too late!

Stop HR 3261 (SOPA) and S 968 (PIPA) Internet Blacklist Bills

Congress needs to hear from you, or these dangerous bills will pass – they have tremendous lobbying dollars behind them, from large corporations reportedly hoping to prop up outdated, anti-consumer business models at the expense of the very fabric of the Internet — recklessly unleashing a tsunami of take-down notices and litigation, and a Pandora’s jar of “chilling effects” and other unintended (or perhaps intended?) consequences. Read more

Scam Targets Apple Users: How to Avoid Being Scammed

During Christmas season, a “well-crafted” scam has targeted Apple users, fooling them into give their Apple IDs and billing information, Internet security firm Intego reported in its blog. The tricky email, which is well-written and …
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Are You Being Tracked? 8 Ways Your Privacy Is Being Eroded Online and Off – AlterNet

Are You Being Tracked? 8 Ways Your Privacy Is Being Eroded Online and Off
At the hearing, Franken raised an alarm about Carrier IQ's software, CIQ. Few people have ever heard about CIQ. Running under the app functions, CIQ doesn't require the user's consent (or knowledge) to operate. On Android phones, it can track a user's

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.60 — now with ‘Chameleon’ technology

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.60, which is designed to add additional to already running software, debuts Chameleon technology, which the developer claims will allow the program to run even when a malware infection …
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