Ecommerce Cybersecurity: How to Enhance Protection in 2022

Ecommerce is facing threats from all directions on the internet. Any business looking forward to ensuring the safety of their data and customer digital footprints should beware of some methods to enhance cybersecurity.  

They have to put in extra effort in making their information stores, sites, and data more secure. This is the most important thing that e-commerce sites that handle customer transaction information should be doing.

Once an e-commerce store goes live, creating a secure shopping experience is not a one-off.  Ensuring that your website is on and running involves regular inspection of any security loopholes and maintenance.

Addressing the critical security issues is one of the simplest ways to mitigate cybersecurity risk, protect customer data, and reduce potential losses that result from cybercrime.

In enhancing protection from cyber attacks and keeping customer data safe, here is what any ecommerce company should aim to do.

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

1 – Monitor your passwords

One simple way of hackers getting into your accounts and stealing crucial data is when they gauze your passwords and log in easily.

In a survey by Harris Interactive, it has been established that at least 59% of brands admit to using a single password because it is not easy to remember all of them. Additionally, 54% of Americans admit that they have poor password habits and should change.

You should avoid using the same password across all the internal systems, especially on administrative accounts and public-facing logins. Make it a habit to generate a unique password for each system and regularly set up a schedule for updating your passwords.

You should use a password manager to generate passwords from an encrypted vault. Your website will only be accessed locally and by visitors having a master password. This will ensure that a unique password is generated for every site, every visitor to your e-commerce.

2 – Encrypt your website 

Using SSL encryption for the checkout process is still the oldest approach to securing your site. A lot of changes are being made to enhance cyber security on sites. For example, a recent update by Google Chrome seeks to make the…