F-bombing cop recorded threatening to sic dog on driver to rip him up

Getting pulled over by the cops can be stressful, especially if one of the cops is shouting, cursing and threatening to sic a 90-pound dog on a motorist to rip the *bleep* out of him. The Atlantic City cop was dropping f-bombs all over the place, doing so at least 10 times in a one-minute, 20-second video clip of the traffic stop incident which was posted on Facebook.

I don’t see how you could help but be offended by the video. If not by the cop’s spewing of foul-language, then by the threats the officer made.

It is unclear why the cops pulled over the young men, but one of the cops nuked out upon discovering the driver was using his phone to film them. One of the unidentified cops said, “Listen there’s two ways that this can go. Take that phone and stick it out of my face. I’m not gonna tell you again.”

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